Friday, April 6, 2012

Picture of the day

Today, after our daily walk, we reached our apartment house and found out that elevator wasn't working. I left stroller downstairs and took both my girls plus shopping and up on the stairs we went, the 5 floors. Murphy was around us, so, immediately after we finished our climbing, the elevator started to work again.
I left my girls in the flat (Maria locked in her room).
I needed 5 minutes time to bring also the stroller up. When I entered our home I happily noticed that none of my girls was crying. I unlocked Maria and this is what I found - a 5 minutes job well done:
(This girl is fast! I so adore curious big eyes!!)
During those 5 minutes while I was away, she devoured the cover of "Farm and Ranch living" magazine (mistakenly left by me at her arm's length).
It is said that we appreciate things on their real value only when they are gone. Question for Adrian: do you miss it already? ;-)

I declare Maria's happy childhood begun! I really think a childhood's happiness can be measured in the amount of stuff destroyed during it. I had a super-extra-happy one, by the way ;-) And Ilaria's is faaar of being a sad one, too!!

Another good part of today's business is that we got a new family member crazy about books!

Have a nice week-end!

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Carrie said...

She is just SO CUTE!!! :)

sreehu said...

i loved dis post.

Jamie B said...

So sweet! Beautiful little girl! I love her hat too!

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