Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas preparations

This year we started Christmas decorating on 07.12. We had a serious helper in Ilaria:

We set up the Christmas tree earlier than ever before. We broke the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and we put it up on 18th! And it's such a wise idea, enjoying it also before Christmas.

Lots of help came again our way:


While decorating the Christmas tree, together with Adrian, we both became aware that we are (the most probably) living NOW the most wonderful moments of our lives!

Another bright idea that I put into practice - thanks to the wonderful world of blogging - was to make a "garland" out of all cards we received and out of the Christmas specific pictures I love:

In this way we will keep our dearest people even closer to our hearts, this season!
For next year I plan to make an Advent calendar garland out of the most beloved personal and Christmas specific pictures.

And last but not least: we met Santa Claus in Hornbach last week-end. He was a kind old men. No tears were poured ;-)

Ilaria calls him "Pucciun" instead of Moş Crăciun. 

May you have wonderful Christmas preparation days!
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m.m said...

...numai in casa cu copii este acel farmec aparte ! Numai un suflet de copil, traieste acea emotie puternica a venirii Mosului Craciun ,stiind ca atunci se face ,,bilantul,,la bune si...rele ! Offff, copilarie.......

Mihaela said...

Very nice! Have a Very Happy Christmas! XOXOXOXOXOXO

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