Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some of our little things

* On 8th of Sept. baby-girl was weighting around 2.3kg. We've finally decided for her name to be......... Maria!

* Sweet moments from our last photo shooting in Zărneşti (1.5 months ago already):

* Few weeks ago Ilaria got a new hair-cut. This time, not as dramatic as the previous one, even if it was again Mommy-made and this time with Daddy near us, kindly advising from time to time: "surely it should be cut shorter". In the end everybody was happy with the new look.

* We celebrate 3 weeks without stroller. It has been cleaned and prepared for baby-girl. Ilaria is just fine with the change. She knows and says: "acuciu bebe nani ( = căruciorul e ptr. bebe să facă nani în el)" (the stroller is for baby to sleep there). And she proudly walk long distances. It's funny how active she is when going outside with me and how tired she suddenly become when Adrian is around ;-)

* The longest sentence Ilaria said until now is 4 words long: "Taţi, Iaia, Tati nani! (= taci, Ilaria, Tati face nani)" (be quiet, Ilaria, Daddy is sleeping!), learned in an early Saturday morning.

* The funniest word Ilaria says is "maşina" (the car). In fact she calls it "amisi". When I teach her to spell it correctly, by telling her "ma-şi-na; maşina" she answers back with "ma-şan-ta" or "da" (yes) :-)

* Sometimes I forget that a quiet child is a troublemaker and I take advantage of some free minutes when Ilaria is busy with "something". When I go to check on her activity, sometimes I find such status:
Free time has to be payed with double time cleaning. But it worth it for a good memory and a good laugh... later.


P.S.: I'm just enjoying now the most beautiful "Forgive me!" bouquet I've ever got:
Life is good! ;-)

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Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! You are such a good mommy, and I loved the watermelon in the water, were you keeping it cold for a picnic?


Raluca said...

Thank you, Joni! You are very kind.
And yes, that's how we keep watermelons and drinks cold when at picnic and when near water.
Kisses to you!

Mihaela said...

"Forgive me" bouquet? Hmmm... more details? ;)

Adrian said...

Regarding "forgive me" bouquet, I can give more details. It was bought my me on behalf of Ilaria to present her excuses for the mess she made on the balcony. Or at least this is the official version.

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